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Hire Database Administrator From India

When you look out to hire a database administrator, S4support should be the first people in mind. While we aren’t any random team that helps with we database support, we come loaded with 21 years of experience in serving clients.

What We Do?

While you are in need to hire a dedicated database administrator, you can trust us for the same where each member of our team is qualified along with the relevant expertise to ensure that you receive seamless assistance. When it comes to telling you the details of all that we do when it comes to providing support with database administration, here is what we do.

  • We Install and configure Database Servers
  • We help out with database Backup, disaster recovery and restoration
  • We are there to ensure proper backup, & recovery methods are executed and maintained
  • We perform database upgrades
  • We help with database clustering, log shipping, mirroring etc.
  • We assist with database monitoring and troubleshooting
  • We help with database performance tuning and optimization or identification and correction of the performance bottlenecks in order to ensure peak performance

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to looking out to hire the right SQL database administrator, you may come across plenty who would promise you to help with database administration. When we say that we are different from them, it is because of the following reasons.

We offer a one-stop solution

When it comes to helping out with a complete package that would contain everything from scratch to helping out with after-sales support, we do it all. Being a team that has great communication skills, we can resolve queries as well as provide you with seamless support.

We have multiple years of experience

When you talk about experience, we have it with us. With 22 years of being in the industry being and knowing the type of work clients demand and expect from us when they intend to hire database administrator, we put in all that we have to ensure that you receive satisfying results.

A certified and qualified team

When we recruit people to be a part of our team, we ensure that every one of them holds the qualification that is required to be someone competent to cater to the needs of our clients. Apart from the technical knowledge, there is also the need for good communication skills that would ensure that the client's needs are fulfilled.

We keep your data secured

We own the license of ISO 27001:2005 where each of the critical data is stored and saved securely. We believe in secrecy, and whenever you share your company or personal details with us, you can rest assured that it is safe with us without getting leaked to a third person.

When it comes to the best teams that help with data administration, S4Support should be the one you should bank upon. While being there for our clients all these years while supporting them with the required support, there is nothing that you would want to regret about when it comes to hiring the right database administrator for your projects.


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A glance at the Services you can avail by hiring
a Database Administrator

  • Expertise in Business Solutions

    We offer expertise in multiple business solutions like ERP, CRM, HRMS, MIS, BI, DMS, IMS, etc., Content Management System, E-Commerce, Social Media, etc.

  • Customized Services

    Design, Develop, Test & Deploy – Install & Configure Database Servers

  • Secured Development

    We assure of complete protection of your intellectual property and strict adherence to NDA norms

  • On-Demand Selection

    After picking out the best resumes, you take full charge of interviewing the candidates and select only if they match your requirements for onsite/offsite projects

  • Project Management

    You can track the work progress of the dedicated resource(s) and the project on online PM tools to stay updated.

  • Technical Support

    S4Support offers dedicated 24x7 technical support during the work association.

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